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Topped off with a Cobia

We got in some good bottom fishing on this warm January day. We caught an assortment of fish all day long. Jin lived up to her fishing prowess by boating several beautiful mangrove snappers. Large hard fighting trigger fish were plentiful. The big red snapper were thick at one spot and Chris and crew played catch and release till we got our fill. I’d put on a live fish, he’d send it down and bam, he was hooked up to a stud grouper or red snapper. About half of the giant fish broke off or made it to the rocks. It’s a great angling challenge. Bill declared himself grunt fisherman of the year and I do believe if records were kept in this category, he would have no equal on this day. The craziest part of the day started when bill caught a good-sized bonito and I cut it up for strip bait. Well, the fish acted like kids at a pizza party when this bait hit the bottom. We hooked one big fish after another. Even though it was late in the day we just kept fishing because everyone was having so much fun. Barrett definitely caught the best fish of the day. The cobia put up a heck of a fight but Barrett used those young strong muscles to bully the cobia to the boat. During the fight a GIANT bull shark swiped at the cobia as Barret lifted the fish to the gaff. Sorry Grandpa Bullshark. The humans would feast on cobia this day! Great fishing trip with lots of fun family memories made.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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