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Colton Catches his First Cobia

Tim, Skip, and Colton were bottom fishing when someone said there was a shark swimming by the boat. I looked up and caught a glimpse and said yea that’s a good sized one as I went about my business. When he swam by the second time, I saw it better and yelled “Oh sheet! That’s a cobia!” It’s funny because we had just talked about how much cobia look like sharks. We threw a couple small chunks of fish out and hooked a live greenie on a spinning rod. The cobia gobbled down the chunks like a hungry dog. When Colton threw the live bait in front of the fish he charged up and grabbed it, but when Colton pulled, the hook came out and the cobia ate the fish. Luckily the fish was still hungry and when Colton threw in the second time, the cobia swallowed and Colton was hooked up to a screamer! This fish stayed near the surface at first. It jumped out of the water like a large mouth bass several times and ripped drag like crazy. Then it charged down and headed for the bottom. Colton played the fish just right, letting him run when needed, and pumping him toward the boat when he could. Lots of drama at the boat as the cobia swam near the gaff and avoided several swipes. We all wanted that fish badly but we stayed patient. Finally, I sunk the gaff and lifted him over the gunwale. Cobia for everyone at Oyster Point tonight! It was a pleasure fishing with this seasoned crew from the northeast. I think they like Sebastian fishing.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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