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Kingfish Bonanza!

Chris, Jin, Barron and Bill joined me on a pre-Christmas offshore trip. The kings were running strong this day and we wore em' out. We targeted the kings by drifting dead sardines with a circle hook and a strip of wire. We’d free line them down in the water column with medium spinning tackle and it wasn’t long before a king was hooked up. These fish are great sport and known for their lightning fast runs and screaming drag. It’s just a fun way to fish. My favorite moment was when young Baron was slowly winding in his line and his father Chris mentioned there was fish showing on the depth finder. Baron said “maybe he’ll grab my bait!" as he looked at it on the surface 10’ away from the boat. As if by magic a giant king rose to the surface and grabbed his bait and headed for the bottom at lightening speed. The expression and excitement from the young man was what I live for as a captain. Shown below is Jin’s big kingfish of the day. This fish hit a drifting sardine as we were anchored bottom fishing. Chris handed her the rod and she had a fight she will not soon forget as the fish went all around the boat ripping drag. Congratulations Jin on a great fight and fish!

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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