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Gotta Get the Big One!

It was glassy calm offshore and we were enjoying the breeze as we scooted over the blue water when Lee Anne saw something. “What’s that” she exclaimed as she pointed, and the three of us examined the disturbance in the water. It looked like swirling fish on the surface, so we came off plane to take a look. Debbie tossed out her line with a chunk of fish and I threw a big jig toward the swirls. As I wound in the jig we saw several mahi following it back to the boat! Soon the boat was surrounded by fish showing off their beautiful yellow and blue colors. It was like looking in an aquarium on this slick calm day with the sun up high. We caught a few medium sized ones on light spinning tackle that put up a delightful fight. They were great fun and just the right size for dinner, but there was one big one in the school that we wanted. He was huge compared to the others. After many frustrating attempts to hook the big boy, it finally happened. We threw a live thread fin herring away from the school. When the bait hit the water, we watched the whole school dart for the bait including the big boy. Well he bullied the bait away from the others and immediately leaped high in the air as if to confirm he was now in charge. Debbie fought this fish for some time. It put on a fish fighting display of gorgeous jumps full of neon colors. The power of the fish was impressive but Debbie used patience and wore the great fish out. Oh, and it wore here out too! What a battle and what a memorable day offshore with some special ladies. It was the kind of experience that burns vivid images in your mind for years to come.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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