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Father/Son Land a Hungry Fish

We were trolling with ballyhoo in the gulf stream when something hit the bait on the starboard outrigger, but the line went slack. Dang! The fish must have missed the hook. A moment later another rod doubled over and Chris set the hook on a nice dolphin. It jumped and ran like crazy. Now the other line that had got bit just a moment ago was bent over and the drag was screaming. Oh no! It appeared like the lines were crossed and possibly tangled as the battle went on. Both anglers fought and wound until we saw a fish come close to the boat. "What just one fish?" Yes, the big dolphin had swallowed the first bait and immediately went over and ate another. Both hooks were firmly embedded in the fish. We laughed and joked about who get's credit for the prize fish. It was all good as they planned how they were going to cook the mahi that night. It was a fun day of trolling with Chris and his father. Dad was an experienced fisherman and when he shook his head and said he'd never seen that before, I knew it would be a memory they would both cherish.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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