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It Only Takes One

"OK, let's wind em' in" I moaned. You see, it was the end of a slow fishing day in the gulf stream with Jackie, Denise and Kim, and it was time to head for home. We had decided to stick with trolling in the deep water in hopes for a big fish, rather than settle for some smaller bottom fish to end the day. The crew was winding in two lines and as I reached for the third, I noticed the rod was bent over. I hollered "Fish On!" and Denise grabbed the rod as all hell broke loose. The giant sailfish erupted behind the boat and went berserk as is leaped out of the water pealing line from the reel. I turned the boat to prevent from getting spooled and Denise settled in for a 20 minute battle she will not soon forget. We gasped and shouted with glee as the giant fish would jump ten feet in the air and then turn and dance like lightning across the water on its tail. The fish did all that you would expect from the greatest game fish in the sea. Denise was totally focused during the battle as she kept constant pressure on her quarry. Eventually the massive fish tired and his jumps reduced to violent, boat side head shakes. He lifted himself halfway into the air, shook his head like a bull dog, and waved his bill like a sword fighter. Finally the fish had no more to give and was brought boat side where we carefully lifted the exhausted gamester for a few quick photos. We then placed him along side the boat and ran water through his gills to ensure he was recuperated. It was a great feeling to see him swim away and disappear back into the beautiful blue water he calls home. After all these years I am still amazed at the surprises that Mother Ocean can bestow upon us at the most unexpected times. It was a day we will all long remember and a perfect example of my wife's favorite saying as fishing morale wanes late in the day: "It only takes one!"

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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