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Who’s at the Top of the Food Chain?

Roy was determined to bring this one to the boat. He had the hook pull loose twice on nice fish and was now anxious to get one in for dinner or a photo. This was a big one judging by the way it screamed the drag and Roy was fighting it patiently. The fight wore on. Finally, the fish surfaced and we could see that it was a big beautiful redfish! The fish was now whipped and I had the net ready to scoop the trophy fish in the boat, but Mother Nature had other ideas. From the depths appeared a giant goliath grouper and it swallowed the huge redfish in one gulp like you’d swallow a pill. Well, the three of us stood there awestruck as Roy’s rod doubled over and he helplessly held on as line screeched from his drag. The giant fish weighed hundreds of pounds so there was nothing we could do as it swam away with our prize. I suggested to Roy that he jerk and maybe the grouper would cough it up. No way was he letting go of that fine meal, and the line finally broke. The cool part is that it happened boat side while we all three stood there staring at the fish. Donna summed it up by saying “It was just like National Geographic”. It was a moment we’ll remember forever. Below is a pic of Roy with a fish he caught a little later.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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