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Giant Redfish Chases Bluefish

Some things you see while fishing just burn into your memory. Dan, Adam, Colin and Kevin were catching one blue fish after another on artificial lures and Adam hooked another feisty bluefish on a surface blug. As it fought and squealed the drag a big bronze figure appeared behind it and gave chase. It was a giant Redfish and it chased the blue back and forth as if it was going to eat it! The red eventualy gave up and our attempts to get him to bite something else failed but what a sight as the bronze giant streaked after the blue in the midmorning sun on the surface. I reasoned later that the big read was trying to snatch the chugbug from the blues mouth rather than eat the 2 pound fish (which would be impossible since reds eat their meals whole). The crew caught a cooler full of blues and Colon hauled in a trophy redfish. It was forty inches and was estimated at 30 pounds. Congratulations Colon.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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