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Big Jacks on Topwater Lures

First thing in the morning we saw big fish blowing up bait on the surface. I put a light fishing outfit in Jims hand and sat back and enjoyed the show. These bruiser fish hammered topwater lures for the next couple hours with some speckled trout and and ladyfish mixed in. I even got to fish a bit since it was just Jim and his wife Kim, who was just along for the scenery. We finished off the morning running to a few other spots and pitching live shrimp around. This produced a lot of other species including trout, bluefish, spanish mackeral, bonnet head shark, cats, and others. I had fun talking to Jim and Kim about fishing and boating in our area. They are planning to move here full time soon and were very interested in all topics. It feels good to help nice people get started fishing and boating in our area along with having a great day of fishing.


This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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