Doubling Up

October 12, 2015

Catching big fish is awesome but when you get two on at once, it makes even serious anglers laugh and hoot.  This day Steve caught a ton of nice redfish and sure enough the double hook-up was a riot.  You see it was only Steve and I taking on the reds.  At one point both our drags were screaming and we had no control over where the strong fighting fish would go.   When his red got close I just stuck my rod in the holder and netted his fish, then he fought the other fish to the boat.  We had to get a picture of the two.  One we released unharmed and the other ended up as blackened redfish at the local restaurant that night.  It was a great afternoon/evening on the water with many other cool fish species encountered including: goliath grouper, bluefish, ladyfish, jack and spanish mackerel.





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