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Red October

I took Bruce and Michelle from California, out for an afternoon/evening charter and the mullet were thick. They were new to Florida fishing, so all the things I sometimes take for granted were great fun for them. While catching bait we watched as fish were destroying the mullet on the surface across the way. We went over and threw some artificials into the melee and caught several hard fighting jacks on light tackle. When we got hooked up, we were swarmed by a family of dolphin and they attacked the jacks as we released them. The dolphin tossed the jacks through the air like they were playing their version of catch with the kids. Then we made a run to use our live bait where the big fish feed. The bite was slow at first but I encouraged the Californians by telling them my wife’s favorite fishing saying: “It only takes one”. Well patience paid off and Bruce’s first ever redfish tuned out to be a doozy. It ripped drag off the real time after time but Bruce finally whipped the hard fighting bull. It was a great evening on the water in Sebastian.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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