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Michele Catches a Monster Redfish

When the fish hit, it raced towards open ocean. Michele looked frantic as the big fish screamed the drag and the line screeched through her doubled over fishing rod. She screamed and turned her head towards me and gave me that “HELP!” look. I used my calm voice and told her to just relax and hold on. I continued to coach her as she fought the beast. She learned to relax as the big red ran; and wind and pump as it slowed. She followed the fish around the boat several times and the family scattered to give her room. During the fight her husband Mike hooked, fought and landed a beautiful slot red but everyone was focused on the unseen monster that was on the end of Mom’s line. When it finally showed itself, Thomas and Sara could not believe the size of it and their jaws dropped in amazement. Mom had caught the biggest fish they had ever seen! Thomas helped me net the beast as he lifted Mom’s fish into the boat. What a great family moment! It was such a pleasure introducing this nice family to Sebastian fishing.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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