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Dolphin Daze

Tom, Paul and I enjoyed a great day of offshore trolling for dolphin. We had great seas and put several nice dolphin in the fish box. The story I’ll remember is of the one that got away. We saw a tree limb sticking out of the water and my eyes popped out of my head as we went by it. The biggest most beautiful Mahi was under the bush and streaked towards our baits behind the boat. I said “hang on” and sure enough the biggest lure got hammered and the giant fish leaped in the air. Well, he threw the hook, but I’ll keep and replay that image of that neon behemoth streaking for our baits. The pic below is of Tom with a nice size mahi that wasn’t so lucky.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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