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Birthday Wahoo!

We had 6 smallish dolphins on ice and were continuing to troll this weed line with a board in it. Suddenly we all heard that sound that you want to hear when trolling: Line screaming off of a tight drag. We all surveyed the rods in view and searched for the bent one. What the heck! We know what that sound should look like. Where is it? Well, we finally remembered that we had added a "way back" line and stuck it up on the T-top pole holder. I pointed up there to Steve and we all laughed as Steve loosened the drag and grabbed it from up top. You see, we had even talked about how we would get the rod down, if a fish hit it, just moments before. The mood got a little serious when we saw Mr. Wahoo’s stripes. Then there was joy when the gaff was sunk and the hoo joined the dolphin for an ice bath. The birthday girl couldn't have been happier for Steve and his first wahoo catch.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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