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Mixed Bag Offshore

Had a great day of offshore fishing with Steve, Jim and Herm from Little Hollywood. Herm set the bar pretty high first thing in the morning with his first ever gag grouper. He fought it like a seasoned grouper fisherman. Way to go Herm!

Later, after seeing some good marks on the depth sounder we decided to slow troll for kingfish. It was nonstop drag screaming action as we iced down a bunch of kings. Steve had the magic touch with his chartreuse duster and ballyhoo rig. He landed many but there was one that got away that will haunt us. Steve fought it for a half hour before it scraped him off on something. We never saw it, but it was massive. Oh well, fishing is a cruel mistress sometimes and now we want her even more.


On the way in we ran across a weed patch and Jim caught a nice keeper cobia off of it with a green paddle tail jig. There was a huge cobia with him that will occupy our minds for a while and draw us all back out to sea real soon.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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