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Reds and Snook with Al

We laughed as Al fought and landed redfish after redfish. “All I was hoping for was one” he kept chuckling. We were anchored and the reds seemed to be everywhere as the sun started to set. These fish ripped drag and shook their heads like bull dogs on the leach. Ah, there is nothing like braided line screeching off of a reel as the drag gives way to the power of a big strong fish.


Well, we left the reds biting and went after snook. The tide was changing and I knew the snook were there. We had a couple violent strikes but couldn’t get the hook set. Time seemed to stand still for a moment as our slack tide window was closing. Then a sizzling drag broke the silence as the target species made that tell-tale run. Wow, were we happy to see the slot snook come in the boat. You see, Al had never eaten snook but had heard all the rave reviews and was dying to try some. I can’t wait to hear his review, although I know the result. Fresh snook is awesome!

Check out the beautiful golden color and gold fins on this redfish which indicates that they are actively spawning. During spawning the fish congregate at Sebastian inlet. The males make a drumming sound to attract the female. They bump aggressively in order to release eggs and sperm which are fertilized and sucked into the backwaters where they grow up. A one year old fish is 12” and a 3 year old fish has just reached sexual maturity at about 30”. Huge reds can be 60 years old. We carefully release these breeders by law and hope that they stay plentiful for generations to come.


This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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