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Removing the Sticker

You see, Paul and the gang are not allowed to remove the packaging sticker on any freshly purchased rod until they catch a “keeper”. It can become a little embarrasing after a while fishing with a rod that has that ugly plastic wrapper covering the cork handle. On this trip Paul lost a giant snook at the boat early on and then landed a beautiful snook that was just undersized. Then he had a bit of a dry streak he had to endure. So when, he landed this “keeper” snook it was a joyous moment. His friends will miss giving him a hard time about the sticker but they couldn’t help but cheer as this beauty came aboard and provided a great dinner for the crew.

Here's Paul with his snook that was just short of being a keeper. When we released this fish a giant dolphin came from under the boat and gobbled it down right in front of our eyes. Too bad about the snook but what an incredible sight.


This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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