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Snook Selfies


I did some fishing by myself this morning and the snook were going off. There is nothing more fun that hooking snook on top water lures. The real challenge is to land them and take a decent picture. Early on, the snook were blowing up all around me but they wouldn’t eat my chug bug lure. I realized that the mullet they were eating were huge so I went to change baits to a bigger plug. Dang, I had not brought my box of bigger hard baits so, I settled in and concentrated on working the bait ever so carefully. It wasn't long before I saw the SLURP. The big girl had taken it off the surface with barely a ripple. She then sat there in a foot of water for a moment and I bowed up my rod. Now, the monstrous snook screamed drag and drug me all around the bay as I tried to adjust with the trolling motor with one hand and hold the screaming rod with the other. After some more fierce head shakes and a few laps around the boat I was able to net the 41 incher with one hand as I lifted with the other. Trying to take the snook selfie was just stupid fun. I kept working the chug bug and caught two more nice snook and called it an early day at 9am.


This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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