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Tough Fight Till the Tax Collector Showed Up.

This poor jack crevalle could not finish the fight he started. He swallowed my pigfish and put up quite a tussle until the tax man took his 28%. The theme music from jaws was playing in my head as I pitched the remains overboard. From the darkness came a gigantic swoosh through the water and I knew the beast had come back for the rest. I was a little timid about getting my hands near the water for the rest of the night.

This afternoon/evening we caught many large jacks, ladyfish and a large redfish. The mystery of the evening was the two tremendous strikes we had. Both times the fish screamed drag until I was out of line. Finally the line broke as I applied breaking point pressure with no progress toward stopping the torpedos. I’ll never know for sure what those fish were, but events like this make success that much sweeter. Here’s the bull red that we were able to handle fairly easily with the same gear that I was spooled on.


This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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