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Cobia Excitement

Went Offshore with Pam and John yesterday and the ocean was like a clear blue lake. Throughout the day we caught lots of fish and saw all kinds of cool fish swimming around the boat, but nothing gets the heart pumping like

cobia. We saw the first school of cobia right under the boat. As I ran for a rod and some bait, I heard Pam make that sound that people do when a fishing rod is totally bent over by a big fish. She grabbed it and the line was screaming off her light spinning rod. One of the cobia had inhaled the croaker that we had been letting swim around the boat on the surface. I had to start the boat and yank the anchor up to keep her from losing all her line to the streaking fish. She fought the stubborn fish with great patience and we finally got it with the gaff. Yum, cobia dinner! It was getting late but we knew there were other cobia in the area so we looped around and made a final drift with 3 live baits out. John caught a shark on one of the three rods and we had no sooner uttered the words “well let’s call it a day” when another rod doubled over. John grabs it and we see it’s another nice sized cobia. Then the ever watchful Pam makes that sound again as the other rod gets bit. We have a double cobia hookup! Now both drags are screaming and the fish are going in every direction. After a long battle and some great teamwork, we got them both in. It was the happiest of times as we sat there after the battle, high fiving, sorting out what had just happened and talking about how they were going to eat all that delicious cobia. It was a fun day of fishing for sure.

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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