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Sweet Snapper

Summer time in Florida is a great time to fish offshore. The seas are friendly and the fish are hungry. Today, Chuck, Kevin and Andy joined me for some bottom fishing. They pulled on fish all day and put lots of tasty fish in the box for the dinner table including: red snapper, mangrove snapper, sea bass, trigger fish and porgy. It’s cool for me to watch people get better at their fish fighting techniques. You see, those big snapper and grouper do not come off the bottom easily. But with a little instruction and encouragement the anglers win the fights and start pulling big, beautiful fish in the boat. The look of accomplishment on their face never gets old. I couldn’t believe the size of some of the sharks these guys brought in also. What a battle they were. The coolest was a sandbar shark that must have went 150 pounds. It fought like a champ pulling off some blistering runs. It was a fun day for all!

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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