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Birthday Girl

Had an excellent off shore trip today. How could I go wrong I was fishing with a birthday girl. Her hubby Boomer treated her to a day of fishing but had no interest in coming along. He did order some grouper as we pushed away from the dock at 0’dark thirty. So it was just me and Karen! Well Karen’s rod was doubled over all day. The target species was grouper and the birthday girl was not to be denied. She landed two fat red grouper and lots of other stuff. Karen muscled up a thresher shark that was bigger than her. The snapper were fired up too. Boomer said that Karen loved to fish more than anything. I found out he was right as I watched her grunt, strain, swear and giggle as she battled Sebastian’s brawny bottom fish. She had a great birthday and it was a joy to share the day with her.

20140708_124129 (800x450).jpg
20140708_115022 (450x800).jpg

This blog is dedicated to my wife Snooker who inspires me everyday without using a word.

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