Eco Trips->

Personalized sightseeing and eco trips are available also. The area is full of spectacular wildlife.  I can take up to 6 passengers and the Gypsy can be rigged with cushions and seating to make for a great, comfortable outing.    Call and we can discuss your perfect day on the water.

Price -> $300 for 4 hours.


Guide Service ->

If you have your own boat and would like me to go out and be your guide on your boat, I can do that.  I can show you where and how to catch fish from your boat.  I will bring my fishing gear along as required.  This service is designed to save you lots of time (and money) in getting yourself up to speed catching fish on your boat.  My charter captain fishing license will cover anyone on board (up to 10 guests).


I train members at the Freedom Boat Club for both inshore and offshore safety and navigation.  So, in addition to providing fishing knowledge I can pass along safety and navigation training as necessary. This training is especially recommended for beginning offshore fishermen and fishermen who are new to the area.  People who want to fish around the potentially dangerous inlet would benefit also from familiarization/safety training. 


Inshore Price->  $300 for 4 hours.

Offshore Price -> $400 for 8 hours

Note: Boat owner will pay for all expenses (gas, bait, ice)

Give me a call and we will put together a trip that will fit your experience, boat capabilities and fishing goals.


I reserve the right to control, modify or cancel these trips at my discretion in the spirit of keeping them safe and enjoyable for all. Thanks!