The Sebastian inshore waters are famous for great fishing.  The inlet connects the Atlantic Ocean and the expansive Indian River Lagoon.  This is a highway for fish migrations and large breeder fish show up at regular intervals throughout the year.   Target species include: snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, jacks, sheaphead, flounder, blues, spanish mackerel and others.  In addition to fishing the inlet itself we fish the beautiful inshore waters including tranquil shorelines and oyster bars that surround the area and benefit from the continuous flow of bait and fish moving through the inlet.    

The Inshore Boat:

The "Fishin' Gypsy" is a 21' Sea Pro.  She has a wide beam that affords lots of room for inshore fishing comfort.  The T-Top provides a place to get out of the sun and take a break.  There is still plenty of fishing room both fore and aft.   The Gypsy is equipped with an I-Pilot trolling motor that moves the boat along fishing areas with autopilot technology.  The blade power pole allows us to silently anchor with the push of a button.  Side scan sonar technology adds to our chances by picking up fish and bait to the side of the boat. The Fishin' Gypsy has live wells in front and back for live bait.  In between fishing spots we can play your favorite tunes on the stereo.  This boat thrives in the inshore waters of the Sebastian area.  Whether working around oyster bars and docks or live baiting in the inlet, she is the perfect inshore boat in my opinion.

About Inshore Trips->

Inshore trips can start either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  I offer half day, 3/4 day, and full day trips. Early morning trips are the standard and are offered year round. 


Afternoon and evening trips are available also in all but the coldest months.  The fishing in Sebastian heats up as the sun goes down.  The Gypsy is specially equipped with lighting that will make this a safe and adventurous evening.  These trips typically start in the late afternoon and proceed after dark for a couple hours.


How Many People Can Go?

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, a three fisherman limit is suggested, but could be increased to 4 or even 5 to include a family member that just can't be left out. 


$350 Half Day (4 hours)
$450 3/4 Day (6 hours)
$550 Full Day (8 hours)
Gypsy Docked Back.JPG

Back View of Gypsy